Notes from the Underground – Fyodor Dostoyevsky


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To the next person who reads this book:

Notes from the Underground: I wanted to know what the underground was.

At once I was drawn in by the tone of the narrator. This was an interesting character. The story is about how the narrator : –

missed life through decaying morally in a corner, not having sufficient means, losing the habit of living, and carefully cultivating [his] anger underground.

It soon became clear that the ‘underground’ was a place the narrator lived, not literally speaking, after falling out of the grooves of society and forgetting what it meant to live and to be human.

This novel is about the anti-hero. It makes the point  that we can hardly live as people without our books, without our books telling us who we are and how we should be.

Important to this character is the anger and spitefulness he has grown, or ‘cultivated’ – which is more harmful to him than it is the other he directs it at. More importantly, he lets it, out of spite.

The question that leads this novel to the end is the question of why and how this narrator who has forgotten what it is to live, love and feel happiness; whose existence is the underground; got to be the way he was.  The Underground is the place a person exists in when they cease being  a social being, conforming to social standards, or caring for themselves as human beings.

In many ways – this is what depression does to us. And there is no doubt that the narrator is not suffering from a great ‘mental pain.’





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